OAIS Model with Functional Entities, Version 2

Nick Krabbenhoeft

A quick note that I’ve updated my drawing of the OAIS diagram with functional entities that I first released last month. Since then I stumbled onto a tool called draw.io, which let me put a little more finesse into the drawing. I’ve summarized the changes below.

Version 2 of the full OAIS Model from Annex A


  • The functional entities have been shifted to better match the high-level OAIS diagram. This increases the legibility between the two at the cost of decreasing the legibility of all the connections between the Administration and Preservation Planning Sections.
  • Ambiguous relationship between Producer, Customer Service, and Monitor Designated Communities from Annex A-1 fixed based on Figure 4-5 and Figure 4-6.
  • Colors have been changed from the candy-like raspberry, electric blue, and goldenrod to shades of grey and Tyrian red in order to increase legibility.
  • All vertices have been rounded in order to increase legibility.

Future Changes

I’d like to add the labels to each of the lines, but so far tests even in relatively simple sections such as Preservation Planning show that there might not be enough space without dropping font size even lower.

You need to add draw.io (it’s free!) to your Google Apps in order to view and copy a live version of the new diagram.

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